The Sculptural, Hung Polène Neuf

There’s another new Polène pack around, and this sack delights

Polene Numero Neuf Green
The once mostly secret brand has hit a clique status among purse fans and the development of sack contributions for Parisian-based Polène proceeds. On the off chance that you don’t know Polène, coeebags ru you will need to. In 2018, I called this a brand to watch, and since that time, Polène has partaken in a huge flood of fame.

There are many reasons, one being the actual plans, however the other principal factor is that for the nature of the item and the value, you are getting genuinely faultlessly made packs. The logo, assuming that it is even integrated, is little and each style is very natural, ordinarily with various wonderful window hangings and creasing methods. The finished calfskins utilized are inconceivably flexible while remaining exceptionally solid, and the sacks are handmade.

Polene Numero Neuf Top
Presenting the Numéro Neuf
This is the Polène Numéro Neuf (number nine), which is a novel take for the brand. You’ll initially see the hanging that meets up to frame this pack, from the top handle to the body of the sack. Then, you’ll track down the scrupulousness which should be visible to the fastidious fastens taken care of, framing a decent stylish touch (particularly where the piece of cowhide meets on the front focus of the pack).

Polene Numero Neuf Top Stiching
This pack is very female and sculptural, while as yet being commonsense. The full-grain calfskin doesn’t scratch effectively which is dependably a reward for me. The inside is lined in 100 percent apparent cotton and however the cowhide is significant in feel, it doesn’t add a ton of haul to the actual pack.

I totally love the top handle of the pack, it’s a genuine craftsmanship piece when you look at it intently. coeebags reddit The handle is really created flawlessly from the fundamental calfskin boards and its fascinating structure is made by creasing and sewing of the cowhide.

The Subtleties That Make the Sack
You’ll track down a removable lash, however at this point you realize I’m generally crew tie for making my pack conveying far simpler. The sack closes with a clever attractive fold and there is an inward zipped pocket. In the event that you extravagant sans logo sacks, this pack will get another mark of approval, as the Numéro Neuf just has its name on the inside.

Polene Numero Neuf Opened
I have not very many objections about this sack. I’m a major Polène fan young lady and have been so really glad to see a brand with an undeniably more open sticker cost that actually offers a raised sack. One thing to note is that in light of the way the sack’s hung structure and its somewhat wide handle, getting to the inside could take somewhat more time or looking when you open the pack.

In any case, this pack is such a champion in plan and stylish, I truly love to see the sack world bring us something else. You can buy the Numéro Neuf for $420 by means of Polène in 9 tones.

The More modest Little and Miniature Sizes
Assuming you love the diminutive miniature sack pattern, Polène additionally offers this equivalent pack in the minuscule miniature size. There isn’t a lot of usefulness to it, however that doesn’t prevent me from being strangely glad by the actual pack.

Polene Numero Neuf Miniature

It is dominance in structure, in that making a pack in such a minuscule shape is a remarkable accomplishment. While the Miniature can fit a mint, a key, and a card, I find the Smaller than normal size undeniably more usable while as yet giving you that minimized size that many love. The Scaled down Numéro Neuf likewise accompanies a removable and customizable shoulder tie.

Polene Numero Neuf Smaller than expected

Numéro Neuf versus Smaller than expected versus Miniature Size Examination
The regular Numéro Neuf estimates 19 X 32 X 16 cm (7.5″ x 12.5″ x 6.3″), the Smaller than expected measures 14 x 23,5 x 13,5 cm (5.5″ x 9.25″ x 5.3″), and the Miniature measures a minuscule 7,5 x 13 x 7cm (3″ x 5.1″ x 2.7″). See a hierarchical examination photograph beneath:

Polene Numero Neuf Miniature Smaller than normal Size Examination
Polène Numéro Neuf Size Examination

The Numéro Neuf is accessible in 9 wonderful shades for each of the three sizes. The Numéro Neuf Smaller than normal is accessible here for $390 and the Miniature rendition will hamper you $170.

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